Meet Our Staff

Crish Bowles

Practice Manager

Liliana Medrano

Head Veterinary Technician

Jacob Ramirez

Head Receptionist

Cristina Martinez

Veterinary Technician

Juan Rodriguez

Veterinary Technician

Lyzlie Sierra

Veterinary Technician

Cyndi Vasquez

Veterinary Technician
Cyndi has been with our team for 12 years. She enjoys the people she works with, and says we are like family here and make a great team together. Cyndi especially enjoys the pets that come through our doors, from the upset dogs or cats that are a challenge and need some extra comfort to the sweet new pups that just love to love us.

Elias Sanchez

Veterinary Technician

Magali Perez


Mauricia Rodriguez


Eligio “Joe” Peralez

Head of Kennels & Maintenance